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Crystal HR is one of the topmost HR consultancies in Chennai. With a strong background in HR consulting, as an HR consultancy in Chennai, we specialize in advising our discerning clients on framing and structuring of HR policies. We understand there is a need for strong and capable HR methods now more than before. At Crystal HR, an HR consultancy in Chennai, we respect and incorporate our client’s requirements while keeping in the industry segment, we guide our clients on various HR policies concerning recruitment, minimum wages, leave management, defining appraisal forms, governance under PF, ESI, Ptax, and LWF. 

As an HR consultancy in Chennai, we not only help the company in defining the appraisal parameters, but we also devise the KRAs for the number of designations based on their interaction with the management. We, at Crystal HR, based on the organization culture, suggest the performance evaluation rating techniques, to our clients. 

We are an HR consultancy company that undertakes competency mapping within an organization, as a part of our HR services. Crystal HR, one of the best HR consultancies in Chennai, we outline the various assessment models premised on diverse positions in an organization. To simplify your journey, we help in the selection of the right third party tool for varied assessment requirements. 

At Crystal HR, Chennai’s leading HR consultancy, we conduct group discussions and case studies as a part of competency assessment and based on the assessment, we score the individuals. To identify the high potential candidates and low potential candidates in an organization, we provide them with a nine-box grid that simplifies their work. 

We are an HR consultancy in Chennai that also engages in creating quantitative and qualitative aptitude assessments for recruiting new candidates that are suitable for the organization. At Crystal HR, as an HR consultancy, we also design offer letter templates and create legal agreements for the various designations in the organization. We aim to make the process as simple, easy, and smooth for the organization.

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