Corporate Training

At Crystal HR, a corporate training company in Chennai, we believe that soft/behavioral skills are as mandatory as occupational skills in any industry. We believe that employees form the backbone of any organization and that their soft skills are as necessary as their professional skills. 

As a corporate training company, we are a one-stop solution for all the HR requirements of an organization, including corporate training. At Crystal HR, we take pride in our group of talented and experienced trainers that provide the candidates with an enriching, effective, and constructive experience and prepare them for the organizations. 

We, a corporate training company in Chennai, provide efficient and constructive services to our clients by offering them vital support in the form of trained and experienced employees needed for their business. Our corporate training division imparts soft/behavioral skills to employees cutting across different organizations. At Crystal HR, a corporate training company in Chennai, our pool of talented trainers cater to different types of the domain in an industry. 

We, a corporate training company, offer everything from people management, business etiquette, presentation skills, problem-solving to impactful communication skills, and many more areas. Some of the areas we excel in are:

Leadership Training

At Crystal HR, a corporate training company in Chennai, we believe that a leader is a conscious choice or the confidence of others in an organization makes one. Being a leader doesn’t always mean leading, it also means to bring about a massive change and handling the massive change when the time comes. We as a corporate training company, understand that the role of a leader is critical as well as crucial. Hence, we, at Crystal HR, offer a transformed as well as a constructive experience to the employees. Our exceptionally talented and skilled trainers tap into the leadership qualities of each through various and unique activities. Through our leadership training program, we aim to bring out the individual’s leadership skills and qualities.

Sales Training 

We as a corporate training company, are firm believers that everyone can sell something or the other, may it be an idea, products, services, or a though. Our skilled trainers aim to improvise these qualities in an individual that makes them the perfect match for the designation or the department. At Crystal HR, we acknowledge and understand the importance of having a highly functional sales team. We, as a corporate training company in Chennai, believe that an ambitious sales team is one of the most desired assets for any organization. Crystal HR, a corporate training company, offers you one of the best Sales Training programs in Chennai. With over a decade of experience in sales training, our sales training experts have designed the best Sales Training program that an organization can offer its employees. 

Customer Service Training 

Crystal HR, a corporate training company in Chennai, provides highly functional and efficient Customer Service Training program that believes that good quality customer service and efficient complaint handling cannot be overruled. At Crystal HR, a corporate training company, we understand the importance of existing and potential clients, and their well-being is a top priority for many organizations. Our aim as a corporate training company in Chennai is to educate, provide soft skills training, and give the employees a definite set of attitude that is needed for creating happy customers. 

Debt Collection Training 

We are a corporate training company in Chennai, that believes a well-trained employee is an optimal asset for any organization. Debt collection training program is one of the best programs we offer in our corporate training. We firmly believe that understanding the negotiations and other required skills can boost the performance and recovery rates of an organization. At Crystal HR, a corporate training company, our trainers have created this program with various engaging and practical negotiation and collection scenarios that will prepare the employees for the future. 

HR Training

Crystal HR is an all-round corporate training company that has devised various programs that is suitable for diverse industries and sectors. We are a corporate training company in Chennai, have recognized the ongoing evolution of HR function in organizations. HR experts have to not only take care of recruitment and payroll management but are also expected to address issues like productivity, absenteeism, attrition, and many more. As an HR consultancy as well as a corporate training company, we have addressed the need for effective and efficient HR professionals and devised our HR training program that helps in developing the behavioral skills, soft skills, and knowledge required for the smooth functioning of HR department in the organization.

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Corporate Training: Duration (Days)
“5S” House Keeping 1
Assertiveness Skills 1
Balance Sheet – Reading, Analysis & Interpretation 1
Competency Mapping 1
Cost Reduction Through Better Materials Management 1
Cost Control and Cost Reduction Techniques  2
Effective Implementation of APQP, Control Plan and PPAP  2
Executive Time Management 2
Effective Communication Skills 1
Finance for Non-Finance Executives 2
Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)  2
Foreign Exchange Risk Management  1
HR Audit 1
Handling Customer Complaints     1
High Performance Managerial Skills 1
Internal  Auditor Training for ISO 9001:2008    2
Quality Management System – Requirements    2
Internal Auditor Training for ISO / TS16949:2002 Quality Management System   2
Industrial Relations and Labour Laws   2
Inventory and Stores Management 5
Kaizen 2
Lean Manufacturing for Waste Elimination 1
Letter of Credit Mechanism, Incoterms and UCP ICC 600 1
Negotiation Skills 1
Purchase Management 1
Supply Chain Management 1
Supervisory Skills Development 1
Team Building and Team Leadership Skills 2
Total Quality Management (TQM) 1
Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) 1
Train the Trainers 1
Vendor Management And Sub-Contracting Systems 1
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