visitor management software 

Visitors Management

Visitor management system helps in tracking the movement of visitors in an organisation. Only once a visitor needs to register in an organisation.  Based on his phone number visitor pass can be generated any number of times without the need to enter all the details time and again.  Based on the network configuration, an employee can be notified about the visitor through mail so that an employee though not in his seat can still access mail and revert back to security to let the visitor into the organisation. Exit of an employee can also be entered with the proper time. At any point of time number of visitor present in an organisation can be generated at ease. eport on an employee can also be taken to find out the


number of visitors that he/she has met over a period of time. Number of hours lost in meeting visitors either for personal or for professional reasons can be generated as report.  Number of visits made by visitors pertaining to a particular organisation can also be generated. Number of visitors inside the organisation at any point of time can be found out.

System requirements: One standard PC or laptop connected to webcam and a thermal printer.