Attendance Software

The most complex HR function is the management of attendance in any organisation. Precious time of HR is spent on monotonous activity of consolidating attendance for the purpose of payroll. The software provided by the vendor along with the machine is mostly unable to deliver the required results thereby resulting in manual working during the payroll period. MIS on the attendance data is not available when it is required, for instance number of employees present & absent in a shift is not available when the shift begins. Also number of people present in the campus is not known at any point of time. Like this many information that can be derived from attendance is not available on time.


attendance management software

There are always problems associated with night shift, continuous shift, break shifts, over time and comp-off management, thereby making manual intervention always a necessity. The problem is compounded when integrating attendance machines across multiple locations. Application also supports the environment where the organisation practices regularisation by employees and approval by manager for the punch exceptions. Alternatively regularisations can be done by the HR executive for the entire organisation. Wallet HR provides solution to all of the above since our attendance software has been successfully implemented across manufacturing, health care, hospitality, telecom, software, BPO, retail and other verticals.


In all the clients where our attendance module is implemented, data flows seamlessly from attendance to payroll without any manual intervention.

For monitoring field force, GPS based mobile app would come handy and the data captured through the mobile is seamlessly integrated to the main application, thereby avoiding parallel work to integrate this attendance to payroll.

Needless to say attendance module of Wallet HR is the best appreciated module among similar software of our competitors .