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Applicant tracking software

Talent acquisition

Talent acquisition is made easy with Wallet HR, powerful payroll and HR software, Chennai, India. Entire workflow from manpower requisition to final selection is tightly integrated to Wallet HR, powerful Indian payroll software. Open positions can be posted to Social media sites along with internal postings. Different logins are provided for different stake holders using the application. Various MIS pertaining to recruitment can be generated.


Core HR

Core HR module helps the user to manage employees’ data in an organised way. Core HR enables the user to replace the excel data where all the particulars of an employee can be entered in the system to ensure that those can be retrieved at any point of time at absolute ease.

Various reminders pertaining to any date event and other MIS on Core HR data can be generated at any time. Organisation’s vacancy position is available at a click of a mouse .


Organisation Chart

Wallet HR has a dynamic and powerful module on Organisation chart where the profile of an employee and the reporting hierarchy can be seen with a great GUI. Org. Chart can be generated for any employee master attribute or the entire organisation. Rights can be provided to view the chart


Attendance Device

We specialise in integrating device directly with the software where the data can be fetched seamlessly from the machine to the attendance software. There will not be any need for manual download of data from the device.

We suggest hardware to the client based on the industry vertical and their needs.


Access Control

  • Employee master data can be created in the access control application.
  • Access log can be captured in access control.
  • Vendor (Outside visitors) name and address details are captured.
  • Vendor (Outside visitors) punches are captured in access log.
  • Roaming user can travel from one location to another location with same registered machine details.

Attendance Software

The most complex of any HR function is the management of attendance in any organisation. Precious time of HR is spent on monotonous activity of consolidating attendance for the purpose of payroll. The software provided by the vendor along with the machine is mostly unable to deliver the required results thereby resulting in manual working during the payroll period.


Timesheet Management

Time sheet module is well integrated to resource management. Resources can be assigned/removed from the project. Time spent on the project can be tracked. Time clocked by an employee on a project task can be entered either daily or weekly. Time sheet can be approved by the manager. Time sheet can be linked to invoice where billing can be done based on the hours spent for a customer. Various MIS pertaining to time sheet and resource management can be generated using this module.


Leave Management

Leave management enables an employee to apply for leave, permission and on-duty. E-mail alert goes to manager where the manager would be able to approve/reject the leave. Attendance software is tightly integrated to the leave management where an employee would be able to view his in-time and out-time instantaneously after the punch. Different type of leave rules pertaining to different locations or different categories of employees can be set in the application.



Wallet HR is comprehensive and universal payroll software with multi-currency option. Any country’s payroll can be configured on the fly without any customisation.

One of the best payroll software that you can ever experience is Wallet HR. No other software can probably boast of configuring the payroll, however complex it may be, in four easy steps.



Reimbursements pertaining to CTC can be claimed by the employees online and the bills can be attached online. The application calculates the cumulative value or the excess bill value automatically and moves to the next month settlement. Reimbursements can be monthly or annual and can be printed in payslip separately as ‘Reimbursement Components’. Unclaimed amount through bills can be pushed to payroll as taxable components in the year end. Tax pertaining to Reimbursements would be calculated automatically during full and final settlement based on the bills submitted.


Travel Management

Travel can be managed through a separate workflow where an employee can request for travel with advance and can be approved by the manager. On approval the work flow moves to ticketing and finance for booking tickets and releasing the requested advance. After the travel is completed an employee is expected to provide the details of expenses as part of settlement.


Employee Dashboard

Flashy Employee Dash board would be the communication board for the organisation with the employees and would be a treat to the eyes. HR can communicate various activities through the dashboard to different sets of employees in an organisation. Employees would be able to view their payslip, loan ledger and tax worksheet. Investment declaration pertaining to income tax can also be entered and the proof can be attached online. Employee Dash board has much more than that are detailed here.


Mobile app

An employee would be able to view his payslip details, enter investment declaration and view his tax worksheet on mobile app. Any employee personal details can be accessed by HR or any authorised person on mobile without the need to login to the desktop application.


HR Analytics

HR analytics is one of the richest modules of Wallet HR where the core HR, attendance and payroll data can be viewed at the macro level by the management. The data can also be seen in charts and can be drilled down to micro level if required. The data can be compared between months, quarter, half-year and annual.


Learning and Development

This tool enables an employee to learn the allotted content through the PDF, PPT or any video file. Dynamic question templates with various degree of complexity and time limit can be set by the L&D team for different groups of employees. Different courses, practice test paper and certification test can be assigned for employees while making some of the courses and tests as mandatory. Completion time for the courses can also be set.


Performance Management

Performance management in Wallet HR is very dynamic and has different methods that are being adopted by various organisations. Performance can be evaluated on a monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/annual basis and these periods can vary from department to department in an organisation. Any number of KRAs and Competencies can be dynamically created. Ratings can be by self/Manager/Reviewer. Increments, promotions and training recommendations can be entered by the manager. Bell curve and other charts can be generated. The module has a powerful dashboard for the HR managers to know the status of appraisall.


Exit Management

Exit management is completely automated where the employee resignations are captured online. Exit clearance hierarchy can be defined dynamically for every employee who exits the organisation. Powerful dashboard enables HR to clearly understand the exit status of employees whose resignations have been accepted and where the clearances are pending. Relieving letter can be generated. Exit interview can be conducted for the resigned employees. Various MIS on exit can be generated.


Visitors Management

Visitor management system helps in tracking the movement of visitors in an organisation. Only once a visitor needs to register in an organisation.  Based on his phone number visitor pass can be generated any number of times without the need to enter all the details time and again.  Based on the network configuration, an employee can be notified about the visitor through mail so that an employee though not in his seat can still access mail and revert back to security to let the visitor into the organisation.


Canteen Management

Canteen management system helps in tracking the food supplied to the employees/ visitors in an organisation.  Canteen management can work based on turnstile gate setup or biometric setup.  The canteen device would allow users only during the specific canteen timings.


Bullet Payroll

Bullet payroll addresses the need of the security agencies where the computation of payroll is very complex. No standard payroll product can fit the requirement of a security agency. Bullet payroll provides solution for the complex payroll problem faced by these organisations. Salary can be set for different grades of employees. An employee can move from one site to another under the same designation or different designation where the salary structure would be different. Bullet payroll computes the salary accurately and generates various reports site wise and also enabling employees to view the payslip with the number of days worked in different sites. PF and ESI can be generated.


Task Manager

Multi tasking is the order of the day. An employee is given task by different people in the organisation and it becomes difficult for an employee to remember all the tasks. This tool enables the managers and the employees to keep track of the tasks that were to be completed. Reminders through SMS and mail options are provided to remind about the approaching due date.



The software helps the employees in the organisation to air their grievances for resolution. An employee can select from a list of grievances which can be set by the HR team.


Help Desk / Service Request

Since Wallet HR is loaded with many modules and the stake holder of various modules could be different, help desk enables the employees in the organisation to seek for help with the desired department for any clarification in the usage of the modules. Help desk keeps track of all queries and the time taken to resolve the same. Help desk team’s performance can be evaluated at any time through the powerful MIS provided in the system.


HR consulting

Crystal HR with its strong HR background and specialisation is well poised to advice the clients on structuring of HR policies. At Crystal we identify our clients requirement and based on the industry segment we advice on various HR policies pertaining to Recruitment, Leave management, Minimum wages, defining appraisal forms, governance under PF, ESI , Ptax and LWF.



We assist companies in getting the registration for PF, ESI, Ptax and Shops and Establishment as per various Acts and also file monthly and annual returns pertaining to the same. We front end the customer during the inspection period and also assist the company employees to withdraw from PF and advice to avail the facility of other departments. We offer this service across India.


Off-shore Development

Crystal has its development centre in Chennai. The technologies that we currently focus on are Java, .net, .net-MVC, Android, iphone, html5, Angular JS, bootstrap, ionic framework, phonegap, HTML 5 and php. We would be able to manage full turnkey project or can provide required resources to work from offshore under the above mentioned technologies where the resources can be managed on-site from our office. We would be able to provide competitive rates and ensure quality and timely delivery.


Payroll Outsourcing

In today’s world of high attrition and the need to focus on core business, it has become necessary for the small and medium business to outsource the non-core functions. Crystal with its immense experience in HR field is well poised to deliver cost effective outsourced services to its clients. The services offered are


Corporate Training

Crystal HR is a one stop solution for any HR needs of an organisation. We have a Corporate Training division where we impart soft skills to employees cutting across different organisations. We have a talented of pool of experienced trainers in all the domains that we deal with. The following are the areas we excel in:


Recruitment Services

Resources are the back bone for any organisation. We understand this and we provide quality manpower resources through our consulting division, Skillmine Technologies (www.skillmine.co.in). With our experience spanning a decade, you can be rest assured of getting the required resources on-time.